In L’Arche Liverpool our focus is on community and friendship. We know that too often people with learning disabilities find themselves isolated and lonely in supported tenancies. We believe we are able to support people to live the ‘best of both worlds’ in providing independent living, with interdependent support.

We work closely with local Housing Associations to ensure that the accommodation provided for the people we support is of the highest quality, is accessible and meets the different needs of each individual.

Each person we support has their own tenancy with a housing association, in either a shared house or flat, or in an individual flat. Those individuals living in shared accommodation have their own en-suite bathroom.

All of the individual flats are purpose built to our specification and are in buildings with communal space to enable tenants to get together on a regular basis to develop their friendships and relationships.

We organise monthly Community Gatherings, days of reflection, parties, retreats and pilgrimages. We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and we value our relationships with our neighbours, parishes, families and friends. Weekend activities include shopping, walking and other outings. Holiday groups travel throughout the UK and Europe, often staying in other L’Arche Communities.